Case Studies on Trade Credit Insurance



Trade credit insurance is a valuable asset for any business. To further illustrate its value, we are providing client-based case studies that document real-world business success through our tailored credit insurance solutions.
Our case studies explain the challenges each business faced and how our credit insurance solutions effectively addressed those challenges. Although each scenario is unique, they all have one thing in common: Successful problem resolution and business growth through trade credit insurance.


Sapphire%20Technology%20Ltd ItsNotAllFunAndGames SuntaChemicals%20Plastics
Client: Sapphire Technology Ltd.
Industry: IT Products
Challenge: Managing Trade risk worldwide​
Client: Galaxy Microsystems Ltd.
Industry: IT Products
Challenge: Protecting against client default
Client: Sunta Chemical Ltd.
Industry: Plastic Manufactoring
Challenge: Gaining access to new clients​
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