Corporate Advantage is the new trade credit insurance offering of Euler Hermes, designed to address the business challenges that are unique to your company, sector, and ambitions.

Whether your priority is :

  • to protect against bad debt losses,
  • to expand sales,
  • or to boost your company’s customer and market knowledge,

Corporate Advantage lets you customize your protection according to the needs of your business.

Providing efficient solutions to the priorities faced by today’s businesses is central to our mission. Corporate Advantage has been designed in response to feedback from our clients and partners across the world.

A tool to protect and grow your business

Corporate Advantage is the core trade credit insurance offering of Euler Hermes, designed to address the business challenges that are unique to your company, sector, and ambitions.

Prevention from the start

Even before signing a sales contract with a new customer, having the right information is crucial to make the right choices. Corporate Advantage enables you to evaluate your prospects in order to understand the level of trading risk. Our credit risk services can also help with negotiating payment terms, allowing you to create individual terms for each customer.

Ongoing analysis of your customers’ financial health

Once you have entered a commercial relationship, our risk experts gather and analyze information about your customers from a variety of sources, including visits to the customer, credit reporting agencies, public records, receipt of financial statements, and past-due reports. We monitor companies active in markets representing 92% of global GDP. If anything happens which may influence your customers’ ability to pay, we will warn you.

Efficient indemnification

Should a loss occur, our indemnification process will allow you to protect your company from the effects of the loss. The Euler Hermes claims team is committed to handling claims quickly and efficiently to take the worry out of managing unexpected insolvencies and past-due situations.

International debt collection

Collecting an unpaid invoice from a debtor requires time, money and expertise. We offer debt collection services as an integrated part of our Corporate Advantage policy. Through our global network of Euler Hermes debt collection offices, we can help you collect your debts in more than 90 countries, taking the local legislation, practices and procedures for recovery into account.

    Straightforward policy structure and wording:
    Each subject is clearly identified within a specific section so you can find the information you need quickly.
    Optimized management
    Designed to optimize each step of credit insurance policy management: A special emphasis is put on manageability in order to limit time spent on administration.
    Customizable solutions
    Trading abroad? At home? With third parties? With Corporate Advantage choice of (80+) options, we will always have the solution answering to your need.
    Online services
    With EOLIS, our online tool designed to provide you with instant, secure access to policy information, you can access and manage your policy anytime and receive real-time coverage decisions with the click of a button.

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